The period-end concentration of owner-occupied commercial real estate was 25% of total loans or 54% of commercial CRE at December 31. Mortgage warehouse loans remained at 4% of loans for business the overall ending mix of funded loans on a linked-quarter basis. Period-end securities investments increased only slightly during the fourth quarter from $310 million at September 30 to $316 million at December 31 as we continued to maintain a measured ALCO strategy. Total deposits decreased during the quarter by $30.7 million ending December 31 at $1.873 billion. The ratio of core loans to deposits increased from 92.3% to 97.6% compared to a targeted range of 90% to 95%. The decrease in deposits resulted in large part from three separate large customer withdrawals used for the purpose of making annual bonus payments to employee, and one for a redirected investment of funds previously resulting from a gain on sale. Year-to-date total deposits have increased, however, $111 million or 6.3%.

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