SBDC Programs: What Are These and What Advantages Do They Bring?

Small Business Development Center (SBDC) programs are a Federal government resource available to small business startups and entrepreneurs. The goal of the various programs is to create a local impetus for jobs to be created and where existing jobs can be long term situations for the employee. The SBDC does this by making a concerted effort to help small businesses get off the ground and keep them growing and expanding.

When it comes to actual hands on involvement, the SBDC provides individual business advice and training along with other specialized services at no cost to the business. Regardless of whether you are a woman, minority, or veteran, the SBDC is there to help you and all other small business owners get your company off to a good start. There are some SBDC offices located in state universities as a way to connect job seekers with small businesses and education with internship training opportunities.

Some of the services an SBDC offers are:

  • l business plan development essential for creating a viable long term entity
  • l financial packaging and lending which are made possible through the funding and involvement of the Federal government in the entire SBDC program
  • l market research, a necessary part of a long term plan to grow the business
  • l procurement and contracting which are important emphases as small businesses can get the inside track on available Federal contracts
  • l importing and exporting an essential component of being competitive in today’s global economy

But the SBDC is not an organization that remains stuck in government mud, falling behind the times. They are constantly upgrading and improving their services to adapt to a continually changing business environment. For new businesses, this is an absolute must-have because customers and other companies do not want to deal with a new business that is out of date before it opens its doors.

The broad idea behind the SBDC is to make available what is essentially a one-stop place for small businesses and entrepreneurs to go and get a wide range of help on many of their most important concerns. It connects the idea of a single company with the impact it can have on a region, while providing it with support from other businesses in the region. And it creates a long term partnership between the government and business that can impact the economy on a local, regional, and national level.

SBDC Programs: What Are These and What Advantages Do They Bring?

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